About the Band

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Childgrove features Debbie Jackson on piano, Anne Ogren on violin and viola, and Martha Stokely on oboe, pennywhistle, and recorder. Drawing on backgrounds in classical, Celtic, Klezmer and other styles, the trio brings a fluid, eclectic approach to the elegant and compelling melodies of English country dance. The always spirited and completely danceable effects are captured on the band's two CD's, "Early Instincts" (2004) and "Wanderlust" (2008), which feature traditional and original English country dance tunes.


Martha Stokely

is a reformed classical musician who now has much more fun. After living rather nomadically, she is happily settled in Ann Arbor with her fabulous husband, Neil, and two adorable, shenaniganizing cats.

Her past musical experiences include playing with Ars Musica, the Sarasota Opera Festival, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Sao Paulo State Symphony in Brazil, a shawm & sackbut ensemble, a Scandinavian fiddle circle, and the Mantovani Orchestra. After dancing for many years, she finally decided to give playing with the band a try. It is really fun to play for people who are not just sitting around. After Childgrove's trip to the Loire Valley in 2006, she was inspired to begin composing English country dance tunes.


Debbie Jackson

is a versatile pianist, singer and event organizer who has been playing regularly for contra and English Country dancing for over 20 years. As a happy music collaborator, she enjoys composing new tunes, improvising with chording and interpreting music to connect with dancers. She also plays in various swing, folk and couple dance ensembles throughout the Midwest. Debbie has performed in Denmark, Austria, Turkey, France, Ukraine and the Slovak Republic. Along with playing regularly with the band Childgrove, she is working on a solo piano project due for release in 2011.


Anne Ogren

got hooked on playing music in a group when she joined her first orchestra, the Des Moines Symphony, at the age of 13. Since that time she has played in many orchestras in the US, Norway, France & Scotland. Over the years, she has performed with innumerable soloists, from Van Cliburn to Tony Bennett and PDQ Bach.

Now retired from teaching orchestra in the public schools, Anne enjoys a more flexible schedule and keeps busy giving private lessons, playing chamber music, performing with Childgrove and traveling. In February 2011, she is part of a team starting the first primary school violin program in Kenya.